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Persuading academic researchers to use Git version control

  November 02, 2014 misc  0

Apparently development in team is always exicting and beneficial subsequently there are certain hurdles apart from other targets of software development. Generally speaking there are set of responsibilities and targets to achieve and also there are overheads, one of the overhead is, where in developers have to worry about sharing and using contributions amongst more than one developers. This becomes more serious when there exists team of developers working across different geographical locations. Specifically the developers in my team, their prime job is not software development instead they are required to continue their vital research activities. Accordingly this post is about non computer science researchers started using version control software Git and GitHub and found it really beneficial for their purpose.

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Building OpenFOAM v21 on ARCHER supercomputer

  October 06, 2014 openfoam  0

Building OpenFOAM (OF) code on UK national super computer - ARCHER is a bit tricky. Although there are instructions on ARCHER website to build OpenFOAM version 2.2 however if you are looking to build code for versions below 2.1 then its requires other changes as well. This post is a guide to building OpenFOAM code version 2.1 on ARCHER. This post is prepared referring to Compiling OpenFOAM manual on ARHCER, accordingly if you require detailed information please refer to manual on ARCHER.

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Installing NVidia drivers and CUDA on Fedora

  January 06, 2014 linux  0

Installing CUDA on any latest build of Linux distro isn’t a swift experience. Apparently with every new release of Fedora, Ubuntu or OpenSUSE, it becomes increasingly difficult installing CUDA. Similarly with latest update of Fedora 19 there is a new GCC version 4.8.2, which is actually an obstructing factor while installing CUDA. In this post there are simple instructions to resolve issue of installing CUDA 5.5 on Fedora 19.

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Molecular Dynamics Simulation on GPUs

  August 31, 2013 misc  0

In July 2013, I finished a project funded by Hector distributed Computer Science and Engineering (dCSE), basically the project is all about developing functionality to enable execution of MultiScale Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulations on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Eventually acceleration of MD functionality resulted in 63 times speedup comparing single CPU core. The emphasis of the project was on nano-scale fluid dynamics. The resulting software package will thus be of particular relevance to researchers interested in molecular flows.

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