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A brief overview of C++ Type conversion and RTTI

  July 12, 2015 C++  0

Type casting or Type Conversion is a process of converting a value of one data type to another data type. In C++, type casting takes place implicitly and explicitly, implicit type casting is done automatically by the compiler while explicit type casting is undertaken by programmer. There have always been confusion around C++ explicit type casting, particularly when dealing with polymorphic pointers and references. In this post I am trying to explain uses of C++ specific type conversion functions when dealing with user defined classes.

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How virtual functions and abstract classes work in C++

  November 10, 2015 C++  0

Virtual functions and abstract classes are evidently one of the key elements of C++ language and object-oriented programming (OOPs). Essentially it facilitates programmers to define rules for defination of a class and its functions also it is very vital in designing reusable and extendable code. Certainly most C++ programmers must be familiar with the benefits of using virtual functions and abstract clases in their code. But it will be facinating to understand the mechanism compilers perform internally to deal with virtual functions.

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