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New project: First time gardening at allotment

Posted on | Garden Allotment

Elated with news that I have secured a half plot at the High Carntyne Allotments. Since last summer I have been gardening in my back garden which is a bit confined space and limited sun exposure, therefore I have been looking for some open space. I am so delighted to have acquired a plot at Allotment, nonetheless a half plot. Rationally it will be good to begin with half plot rather a daunting large full plot for an inexperienced plot holder.

The plot searching began from mid March, therefore I would say I am fortunate enough to acquire with such short timespan. People did wait for years to get hold of one, off course at their preferable place where they could visit frequently. In mid February I began inquiring couple of Allotment sites close to home, which is CraigPark Allotments, although my application was accepted but I had been put on long waiting list at number 26. The likelihood of getting one in near future seemed bleak due to low proportion of Plot holders leaving plots, each year is 1-2 with only 12 plots to allocated at site. I decided to seek further afield however with present Cornona Virus situation social distancing has been implemented therefore I was told to wait by couple of Allotment associations.

Nevertheless I received an email from High Carntyne Allotments of half plot availability checking to see if I am interested. The Allotment is further 1.5 miles away from home so sandwiching a run while visiting look more likely. The half plot is 74 square meters which is larger than my back garden but interestingly it has a glass greenhouse and a shed, both must be shared with another plot holder. Prior to doing any activity it will best to take some pictures and draw a decent plan of the plot to ensure optimum utilisation of available space.