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GPIO layout on Connect Tech Cogswell board for Nvidia Jetson TX2

 February 01, 2019

GPIO pin interfacing has been very popular these days among IOT devices mainly since their introduction on Raspberry pi, Connect Tech Cogswell carrier board also provides GPIO expander port which can be configured using I2C interfacing, here I will try to explain the GPIO pin layout and I2C expander configuration on Cogwell.

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A brief overview of C++ Type conversion and RTTI

 July 12, 2015

Type casting or Type Conversion is a process of converting a value of one data type to another data type. In C++, type casting takes place implicitly and explicitly, implicit type casting is done automatically by the compiler while explicit type casting is undertaken by programmer. There have always been confusion around C++ explicit type casting, particularly when dealing with polymorphic pointers and references. In this post I am trying to explain uses of C++ specific type conversion functions when dealing with user defined classes.

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Using Xcode to develop on your remote Linux systems

 November 03, 2013

Developing code on remote Linux systems slows down development process therefore using a local IDE such as Xcode on mac and mounting the file system locally make significant difference in file editing and developing. Besides once could compile and test code simultaneously on two systems.

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SSH config - permission denial while accessing remote system

 January 05, 2013

Nowadays most developers work remotely or somehow connect remotely by running remote connections. These connection are mostly linked to remote compute clusters, remote desktops and remote servers also including cloud computing servers such as Amazon EC2. Accordingly its equally difficult to remember intricate IP addresses also it becomes worse when you list of different computers to connect. In this post I will try to explain and guide you through the process of making password less ssh connections.

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