{ Notes }

About Blog

Notes has been a documentation/reference point for all the interesting and problem resolution in my software development journey. Mostly these are things I was amazed with tech or software development development techniques in C++, GPU programming, parallel programming and web technologies. Over the years I was really inferior in maintaining documentation, eventually I decided to start a blog so that it becomes a reference point for me and also anyone who finds it usefull.

About Me

Hi, my name is SAIF SIRAJ,
I'm a Software Developer with over 10 year's experience mainly writing high performant software, I have developed codes for multicore systems, large scale CPU clusters and workstation systems with Graphical Processing Units and also server-side web applications

I write code in C++ and CUDA and in love of Python language for protyping and web applications. I strive to write clean, unit tested and highly efficient code also focusing on designing and documentation.

About Tech

Majority of development on this blog is done while commuting, I would say 70% of idea and development is done during journey and rest of the work on finalisation is done sitting at desk like a proper Software Developer. This proves the ease of development using Flask framework.

Technologies Used

  1. Python Flask
  2. Database ORM Peewee
  3. A customised Bootstrap Theme
  4. Developed in awesome Visual Studio Code IDE.
  5. Hosted in the cloud on Digital Ocean.